Alison Vite All-State Choir experience

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

During the summer St. James High School choir had a student go to All-State Choir. Alison Vite was the student who made it through to All-State.

Auditioning for All-State is a tough process that sophomores and juniors go through to get a chance to go. Choir Director Allison Kulseth said kids have to perform contest pieces they have, show their range, and then they have to perform a piece that is given to everyone that auditions.

With it being a hard process Kulseth suggests audition to select students because it is not something every student can handle.

Vite making it to All-State makes it the first time that a St. James has sent a Latinx student to it. Kulseth said she hopes seeing Vite doing it can encourage other kids to try out for it.

All-State Choir is a week-long camp that is hosted at Saint John's University. While there the students work on pieces that they will perform at the end of the week as well as learn more about choir from different musicians.

Vite's experience was in person unlike last year's where it was all online. She was able to get the true feeling of what all state is. There were a lot of emotions leading up to the week. 

"At first it was a mixture of emotions, I was really excited and happy that I got accepted but I was also really nervous. I was nervous because I knew that I would have to work extremely hard to meet up to the expectations," said Vite. "I remember the night before I left for camp I was so nervous I could barely sleep, but I reminded myself of the hard work that I put in to be able to get to All-State Choir."

Once there Vite was able to meet kids that had the same love for music. She even found a group of girls that she clicked with right away. Vite said It was a surreal experience because throughout my life I had never met people that enjoyed music just as much as I do so in a way it felt as if I had found my people.

Vite has one person, her mom, who she is thankful for pushing her and giving her the advice of one receives what one gives. All-State Choir is an experience that Vite said will go down as one of the most unforgettable experiences for her.