Fire safety week

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

This week was national fire safety week. Fire departments' goals during this week are to raise awareness and help families learn how to be safe in case of a fire.

The St. James Fire Department kicked fire safety week off with an open house, abling the community to come to the firehouse to see what they have to use to help the community and tour the fire hall.

Fire Cheif Bill Nelson said they had a car they did the extraction to show seatbelt safety, fire truck rides in the old fire truck, and trucks open to look at.

Their open house was not the only thing they are hosting this week, classes from the schools went on field trips to the fire department. Kids were given a tour and learned more about how to be safe if they ever were in a house fire.

"I put on SCBA tank and mask on to show them what I look like with all my gear on and slowly take it off so that they aren't scared of firefighters," said Nelson. " Depending on the age group we talk about fire safety and what they should or shouldn't do."

Outside of fire safety week St. James Fire Department has different activities and events they are a part of. Some being shop with the heroes and the fire explorer program, which is for kids 14-21, kids in this program go through some of the same training as the firefighters.