Reforming St. James dive team

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

The St. James Fire Department used to have a dive team many years ago, but with people retiring or leaving, the team was dismantled. Recently the dive team was recreated.

"Over the years it just kind of dismantled, guys have retired," said Seth Reinke. "Members that we had did really train much anymore."

Bringing the dive team back did not become an idea for the fire department until a group was interested in becoming certified scuba divers. The group made up of Seth Basmoen, Seth Reinke, Chris Whitehead, Mason Collier, and Nick Kielas helped with coming up with the plan of bringing the team back.

" There was a small group of us that were interested in the diving part, so we started doing a little research and talking with our chief, he had the backing for us to go get certified as divers," said Reinke. " We kind of decided that well a couple of us are going through let's bring this team back together."

With help from state grants and Reinke going out in the community talking with bars and clubs about donations. They were able to go through with the training and get the equipment the team needed. He said that they had an amazing outpour from them in donations that made it possible to buy the equipment.

In the past years, there have been a few calls in the area that needed a dive team, but it is not very often there are those types of calls. The St. James Fire Department reestablishing their dive team is in the view of they have to have the people who are trained for when they may need it.