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$1 for 3 months

Board passes motions for internet service, access road

Sean Ellertson
St. James Plaindealer

At Monday's St. James School Board meeting, the board approved agreements for a renewal of internet services, and with the city of St. James on creating an access road during summer road work construction. 

The board passed a motion to accept a bid from SOCRATES for the internet provider for St. James Public Schools. The district currently uses SOCRATES for its internet. The new agreement with SOCRATES will officially begin on July 1, 2021, and run through June 30, 2026.

"They went with a couple of different bids, and there seems to be a promise of a lot stronger system coming into the school system with some of the additions that we added," said Superintendent Dr. Steven Heil. "Starting on July 1st, we should see improvement at a lower cost."

The board also unanimously passed an agreement with the city of St. James to provide an access road with 10th Ave. N. and 11th St. N. are being worked on in the summer.

The access road will run from the bus parking lot next to Northside Elementary and behind the soccer fields to the west of Northside, and join at 750th Ave.

"Rather than people going rogue and driving through properties, we're going to work with the city," said Heil.

The school board also voted to accept a resolution for numerous donations, including: Wingert Realty & Land Services donated $1,000 towards the Wingert Realty & Land Scholarship, John and Lisa Becker donated $500 towards the Friends of the Court, U.S. Tennis Association donated $35,000 towards the MS/HS tennis court project, Box Tops for Education donated $72.40 from box top collections, Bruce Aamot donated $100 towards the Save the Bell campaign, and Pioneer Bank donated 250 earbuds for the Northside Elementary students, they have generously offered to donate to the St. James Public School District.

The next St. James School Board meeting is scheduled for March 8.

Other items: 

- Approve request Roxanne Romsdahl for unpaid medical leave for '21-'22