Butterfield-Odin holds first and only concert of the school year

Arely Anaya

On May 17, Butterfield-Odin Public School music students held their first and only concert of the 2020-21 school year. The spring concert, directed by Levi Jahnke, featured the band, choir, piano, and guitar classes.

(Top) Butterfield-Odin seniors, Sabrina Handson (left) and Alma Rodriguez, were spotlighted during their final high school band concert on May 17. (Below) The guitar students performed with director Levi Jahnke (left) at the spring concert, from left: Kainyana Xayaphonesongkham, William Ambrocio Benavente, Lexia Sykes, and Diana Rodriguez.

The 7-12 choir began the night with three pieces: “Gloria Deo!” by Mary Lynn Lightfoot, “Storm” by James M. DesJardins, and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” by Queen. Students performing were Mahryn Dougherty, McKenna Steinbrink, Kainyana Xayaphonesongkham, Jocelyn Ambrocio Benavente, Emely Barrios Orozco, Alexis Flores, Grace Hernandez, Berenice Morales, Amanda Orozco-Tema, Mia Sanchez, Amelito Garril Garcia, Lohan Johnson, Jesus Lerma Borunda, Ancelmo Ivan Perez Ambrocio, Jose Villegas, Anahi Morales, Yoali Sanchez, Sophie Solheid, Jackie Wegner, Colin Heffele, Jorge Miranda-Agustin, and Michael Orozco-Tema.

The piano class followed with “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. Students performing were William Ambrocio Benavente, Yony Gomez Orozco, Jose Victor Miranda Miranda, Diana Rodriguez, and Lexia Sykes.

The guitar class performed short excerpts from “Wonderwall,” “Sway,” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. Students performing were William Ambrocio Benavente, Diana Rodriguez, Lexia Sykes, and Kainyana Xayaphonesongkham.

The 7-12 band ended the night with “Rodeo” by Jay Chattaway, “Song Without Words” by Gustav Holst, and “Volcano!” by Matthew Schoendorff. Band students performing were Alma Rodriguez and Sabrina Hanson, Raesha Fast, Diana Rodriguez, William Ambrocio Benavente, Mohamed Yusuf, Lexia Sykes, Emely Barrios Orozco, Jose Villegas, Amelito Garril Garcia, Lohan Johnson, Ancelmo Ivan Perez Ambrocio, Jorge Miranda-Agustin, Jasmine Gordon, Sophie Solheid, Michael Orozco-Tema, Anahi Morales, Jackie Wegner, and Yoali Sanchez.