St. James City Council approves bid for Community Building roof repair

Sean Ellertson
St. James Plaindealer

At Tuesday’s St. James City Council meeting, the main topic of discussion was the bids received for the Community Building roof replacement project.

The city presented two options to bidders.

Option one was to repair the roof, sweep off the old stones on the roof, cover the existing roof with a barrier, and then cover the barrier with a rubber roof. Option two was the removal of the old roof to the decking and the replacement of damaged decking to fully replace the roof. Fully replacing the roof would add two layers of insulation and covering with rubber roofing.

The recommendation of Linda Buller was to accept a bid from Laraway Roofing in New Ulm under the second option for a total of $60,430.00.

The roof project was given a budget of $75,000. The Community Building is still taking bids for a new furnace.

The council also approved a planned library boiler maintenance proposal for three years with Schwickert’s Tecta America, LLC.

The projected cost of the boiler maintenance service is $2,690.

“They’ll go through both boilers and replace any part that they need to,” said Library Director   Matt Pannkuk. “It will take most of the day to do those two boilers.”

The service will include: 

- Verifying air intake and exhaust vent outlet are free and clear of blockages or restrictions.

- Checking exhaust piping for leaks.

- Inspecting boiler for any sign of water leakage

- Checking air intake piping for sagging.

- Observing operation and take a combustion analysis before performing any maintenance.

- Observing operating temp and pressure gauge for accurate readings.

- Shutting down the boiler and allow it to cool.

- Removing and replacing the spark plug.

- Removing and replacing the flame sensor.

- Removing and replacing the air flapper gasket material.

- Removing and replacing the gas flapper gasket material.

- Removing and cleaning the LWCO probe.

- Checking safety controls.

- Checking the operation of the boiler and complete a final combustion test until desired readings are reached.

- Cleaning and inspecting external regulator vents.

The next St. James City Council meeting is scheduled for March 16 at 5:30 p.m. The board of appeal and equalization hearing was set for April 27 at 1:00 p.m.

Other items:

- Transfer $5,728.20 from liquor fund to theater fund.