St. James City Council suspends eviction notice on Watonwan County Humane Society

Sean Ellertson
St. James Plaindealer

At Tuesday night's St. James City Council meeting, Mayor Gary Sturm read a letter sent to Rose Fischer, dated March 31, officially suspending the eviction notice of the Watonwan County Humane Society.

"As a result of the meeting with you and two other board members on March 30, 2021, the City of St. James is willing to suspend the eviction notice dated March 8, 2021 pending further negotiations relative to the Humane Society's suggestion that it purchase the existing facility owned by the City of St James but occupied by the Humane Society," read the letter from the city. "Hopefully, this matter can be resolved to everybody's benefit on an amicable basis. The City looks forward to your continued cooperation and professionalism in regard to this matter."

Representatives from the city have met twice with board members from the Humane Society and will continue to meet to attempt to find a solution.

Sturm said that the Humane Society board would be meeting, and would present a proposal for the purchase of the Humane Society building next week.

"We continue to support the Humane Society—we always have and we always will," said Sturm.

The city also accepted a first draft ordinance regarding the regulation of garage sales.

“Garage sales, including garage sales by non-profit organizations will be limited to six (6) garage sales per year," read the ordinance. "Each sale shall be limited to five (5) consecutive days and may be any five (5) day period. Three (3) offsite signs and one (1) onsite sign is allowed during the sale, but must be removed immediately upon the completion of the sale. Signs may be up to six (6) square feet and four (4) feet high. The signs must be five (5) feet from the curb or shoulder of the road and will not be allowed on utility poles or street signs.”

The second reading will be at the next St. James City Council meeting, scheduled for April 20.

The ordinance will go into effect following the first publication. 

Other items:

- Resolution to approve revised boards and commissions.

- Accept bid for taxi lane & runway pavement rehabilitation—Nielsen Blacktopping and Concrete $266,014. 

- Accept donations for $1,000 from Eagles Club for St. James fireworks

- Set interest for assessment consent agreement