Butterfield is excited for the soccer season

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

The inaugural soccer season for Butterfield-Odin has started. Excitement is the word for how the students have been about the season and soccer starting there.

" The kids love it, they are super excited about it," said Coach Michael Mattick. "I remember when we had our first day of practice it was ' when is our first game, when are we getting our jerseys, will we have merchandise to buy, who will we play our first game'. It was a bazillion questions, but they were all super excited." 

Mattick is a teacher at Butterfield-Odin for him it has been great seeing the excitement off the field transition to on the field. He said you can see it on their faces they are happy and having fun, this is why we did it.

With the United being a new team the number of players is a little low, but on average the boys have 10 players at practice and the girls have an average of six girls at practice. The girls do have three more players that cannot make it for some of the practices because they are dual sport athletes. 

School starting will help get those numbers up because student will be talking and can spread the word more and encourage others to come play. They are also looking at possibly pairing with another school for next season to have a larger pool of athletes who can play.

Having a small team means that some of the students may not have a strong background of playing soccer. To help with getting everyone on the same page they have been started with practicing the basics.

"We have been really focusing on footwork, what you didn't see today was passing, receiving passes, and ball control," said Mattick." I have a mix of girls who haven't played a sanction sport and girls who want to play every sanction sport available."

When they do have games both teams will be traveling together and when home they will have games on the same day. Mattick said some the teams have also worked with United's smaller teams by allowing a few of the younger boys play on the girls’ team to have enough players to play.

United's first home game will be on Thursday, September 30.