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Saints gymnasts approach century mark but can’t topple Waseca

Sean Ellertson
St. James Plaindealer

On Tuesday night inside the old St. James gymnasium, the Saints gymnastics program fell just short of 100 points in a 128.150-99.600 loss to the Waseca Bluejays.

Camryn Lynch won the all-around with a 33.600. Emily Farley (31.425), Taylor Flatau (29.800), and Anna Bogle (28.100) rounded out the top four overall scorers.

The Blue Jays managed to sweep all events, with Lynch winning the bars (8.225), beam (8.200), and floor routine (8.550). Brooklyn Flatau finished tops on the vault with a score of 8.800.

For St. James, Bogle was tops on the club on the bars (6.250), beam (7.000), and floor (6.950), while tying with Gabriela Trapero on the fault (7.900).

Trapero finished the meet with an all-around score of 24.600, including a 6.450 on the beam and a 6.050 on the floor. 

Head coach Laura Berg-Olson noted that the Saints–particularly Ruby Zamora, America Trejo Esqueda, and Gabriela Trapero— have been working on tweaking floor routines. 

"They're all making changes, but it's not reflecting in their routines because it's not quite clean enough."

Zamora has also been developing her skill on the high bar and accomplished a pullover on the high bar on Tuesday.

"She was really scared about that but she did it and the score may not have been what we wanted it to be but it's a confidence booster. We threw it in, and she did awesome."

Zamora had an all-around score of 21. 050, while Trejo Esqueda had a 21.250.

Full meet results:


1. Camryn Lynch (WAS) 33.600

2. Emily Farley (WAS) 31.425

3. Taylor Flatau (WAS) 29.800

4. Anna Bogle (SJA) 28.100


1. Brooklyn Flatau (WAS) 8.800

2. Emily Farley (WAS) 8.700

3. Camryn Lynch (WAS) 8.625

4. Jordan Hofmeister (WAS) 8.425


1. Camryn Lynch (WAS) 8.225

2. Jordan Hofmeister (WAS) 7.425

3. Rachel Scheffert (WAS) 7.1215

4. Taylor Flatau (WAS) 6.850


1. Camryn Lynch (WAS) 8.200

2. Emily Farley (WAS) 7.850

3. Sarah Kummerfledt (WAS) 7.500

4. Taylor Flatau (WAS) 7.050


1. Camryn Lynch (WAS) 8.550

2. Jordan Hofmeister (WAS) 8.500

3. Emily Farley (WAS) 8.150

4. Sarah Kummerfeldt (WAS) 8.125