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Saints wrestling goes winless in trio of triangular meets

Sean Ellertson
St. James Plaindealer

Last week, Saints wrestling went a combined 0-6 in triangular meet play, including a shutout at the hand of Pipestone Area.

On Friday night inside the Event Center, St. James was knocked off by Waseca 66-14, and Pipestone 78-0.

Freshman Gadiel Velasco and Josh Olivares picked up wins, while Hayden Davis was the beneficiary of a forfeit by Waseca at 170.

Gadiel Velasco was in command of his match against Slade Barnett, winning by Tech Fall.

"He works hard in the wrestling room, and he's very athletic," said head coach Jake Johnson. "That helps him, and he's strong for his weight. Those matches that he can just go out there and get after it, he's going to have a lot of success. He's a guy who doesn't back down, he's a guy who likes to scrap a little bit and is hard-nosed, he's going to be fun to watch."

Olivares earned a 4-2 win against Brandon Lopez.

The Bluejays earned six wins via fall against St. James, highlighted by former state champion and University of Minnesota commit Mason Gehloff's pin at 120.

Redwood Valley earned five pins and two major decision victories in their shutout win over the Saints.

On Saturday in Wabasso, the Saints held an early 14-0 lead over the hosts after wins by Talyn Tande, Levi Miest, and Kollin Anderson. Up 20-18 after the 145 match, the Saints forfeited weights 152 through 195 to hand Wabasso the win.

Norwood Young America earned fall wins in six of the first seven matches, burying the Saints early for a 63-18 win.

On Tuesday back at the Event Center, Velasco picked up his second win of the week, and Peyton Wolner earned his first varsity win against Kyra Kliner.

Velasco beat Parker Osmonson by major decision and was in control from the opening handshake.

"We talk about Gadiel in practice and it's kind of like he's a wild stallion and we're trying to turn him into a show pony," said Johnson. "Sometimes you have to reign him in a little bit, but I thought in that match he wrestled very under control, he was smart, and he was working for the pin which is what we needed in that match to stay in it."

A Jack Klinder pin of Hayden Davis at 160 put St. Clair in the driver's seat 32-18, and the team's traded off forfeits to close out the match. 

In the final match against Springfield, Tande (106) and Anderson (113) led off with quick fall victories. Up 24-18 after 145, Jack Mahoney-Berg was pinned at 152, and the Saints forfeited the rest of the match, falling to Springfield 59-24.

While the on-the-mat results haven't been positive, Johnson applauded his team's effort every day on the mat. 

This year's Saints wrestlers only have three seniors—Josh and Cesar Olivares and Jack Mahoney Berg— and no juniors, so Johnson's staff has had to rely heavily on underclassmen, including six freshmen.

"We continue to say it every day, 'let's get 1% better every day'," said Johnson. "Every day we come into the room we try to get a little bit better. It's kind of weird season and we're wrestling a tough schedule. It's been a baptism by fire some nights but on the same token, we know where we want to be and we know where these kids want to be by the time they're sophomores, juniors, and seniors and we want to keep progressing towards that goal of being tough by the end."

Full match results:


Waseca- 66

SJA- 14

106: John Feela (WAS) over (SJA) (For.)

113: Kaeden Johnson (WAS) over Levi Miest (SJA) (Fall 3:07)

120: Mason Gehloff (WAS) over Kollin Anderson (SJA) (Fall 1:50)

126: Gadiel Velasco (SJA) over Slade Barnett (WAS) (Tech Fall 5:34)

132: Luke Osweiler (WAS) over (SJA) For.)

138: Oliver O'Brien (WAS) over David Rathman (SJA) (Fall 1:35)

145: Josh Olivares (SJA) over Brandon Lopez (WAS) (4-2)

152: Christian Rodriguez (WAS) over Jack Mahoney-Berg (SJA) (Fall 1:12)

160: Brooklynn Hicks (WAS) over (SJA) (For.)

170: Hayden Davis (SJA) over (WAS) (For.)

182: Payton Garza (WAS) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Lucus Selthun (WAS) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Buck Kuhns (WAS) over Derek Fast (SJA) (Fall :23)

285: J.D. Delgado (WAS) over Emilio Arreola (SJA) (Fall 1:42)

Redwood Valley- 78

SJA- 0

106: Carter Brandt (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

113: Gavin Brandt (RWV) over Levi Miest (SJA) (Fall 3:29)

120: Lincoln Ourada (RWV) over Kollin Anderson (SJA) (MD 18-8)

126: Damico Arredondo (RWV) over Gadiel Velasco (SJA) (Fall 1:39)

132: Austin Ourada (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

138: Jordan Matson (RWV) over David Rathman (SJA) (MD 12-4)

145: Jaxon Lang (RWV) over Josh Olivares (SJA) (MD 10-2)

152: Brayden Reynolds (RWV) over Jack Mahoney Berg (SJA) (Fall :16)

160: Austin Altmann (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

170: Matt Zeug (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

182: Maverick Goblirsch (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Brode Lydick (RWV) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Lane Evans (RWV) over Derek Fast (SJA) (Fall 1:15)

285: Griffin Evans (RWV) over Emilio Arreola (SJA) (Fall 3:19)


Wabasso- 54

SJA- 25

106: Talyn Tande (SJA) over Kaysen Harms (WAB) (Dec 7-6)

113: Levi Miest (SJA) over Ashton Weidemann (WAB) (MD 14-0)

120: Kollin Anderson (SJA) over Preston Remiger (WAB) (Fall 2:23)

126: Adryen Tietz (WAB) over Gadiel Velasco (SJA) (Fall 5:36)

132: Dominic Jenniges (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

138: David Rathman (SJA) over Jayson Marotzke (WAB) (Fall 3:17)

145: Gabe Martin (WAB) over Jack Mahoney-Berg (SJA) (Fall 0:10)

152: Chase Irlbeck (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

160: Carter Benz (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

170: Ty Altermatt (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

182: Tyler Bliss (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Sam Welch (WAB) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Hunter Taylor (WAB) over Derek Fast (SJA) (Fall 0:23)

285: Emilio Arreola (SJA) over (WAB) (For.)

Norwood Young-America- 63

SJA- 18

106: Gabriel Michels (NYA) over Talyn Tande (SJA) (Fall 3:12)

113: Tyler Nuebarth (NYA) over Levi Miest (SJA) (Dec 10-4)

120: Kollin Anderson (SJA) over Kotah Berthiaume (NYA) (Fall 4:29)

126: Caleb Michels (NYA) over Lane Moser (SJA) (Fall 5:24)

132: Lucas Conser (NYA) over Gadiel Velasco (SJA) (Fall 4:51)

138: Carter Storms (NYA) over David Rathman (SJA) (Fall 2:40)

145: Terrance Eddings (NYA) over Jack Mahoney-Berg (SJA) (Fall 0:57)

152: Peyton Wolner (SJA) over Jackson Vanhorn (NYA) (Fall 5:15)

160: Hayden Davis (SJA) over Dylan Farniok (NYA) (Fall 3:36)

170: Connor Hansen (NYA) over (SJA) (For.)

182: Sean Weckman (NYA) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Lucas Urness (NYA) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Blake Kimpling (NYA) over Derek Fast (SJA) (Fall 0:54)

285: Nicholas Christianson (NYA) over Emilio Arreola (SJA) (Fall 0:32)


St. Clair- 44

SJA- 36

106: Simon Kruse (StC) over Talyn Tande (SJA) (Fall 0:34)

113: Eli Krus (StC) over Kollin Anderson (SJA) (Fall 3:50)

120: Hunter McCann (StC) over Levi Miest (SJA) (MD 18-3)

126: Gadiel Velasco (SJA) over Parker Osmonson (StC) (MD17-6)

132: Lane Moser (SJA) over Kyra Kliner (StC) (Fall 5:12)

138: Lucas Vaughan (StC) over Josh Olivares (SJA) (6-0)

145: Chase Bade (StC) over David Rathman (SJA) (Fall 5:35)

152: Jack Mahoney Berg (SJA) over (StC) (For.)

160: Jack Klinder (StJ) over Hayden Davis (SJA) (Fall 0:40)

170: Peyton Wolner (SJA) over (StC) (For.)

182: Jacob Schimek (StC) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Ben Walechka (StC) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Derek Fast (SJA) over (StC) (For.)

285: Emilio Arreola (SJA) over (StC) (For.)

SJA- 24

Springfield- 59

106: Talyn Tande (SJA) over Will Schmidt (SPRF) (Fall 1:02)

113: Kollin Anderson (SJA) over Paytin Johnson (SPRF) (Fall 0:33)

120: Wyatt Schmidt (SPRF) over Levi Miest (SJA) (TF 18-1 6:00)

126: Gadiel Velasco (SJA) over (SPRF) (For.)

132: Kody Bast (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)

138: David Rathman (SJA) over (SPRF) (For.)

145: Joe Anderson (SPRF) over Joshua Olivares (SJA) (Fall 5:00)

152: Alex Moudry (SPRF) over Jack Mahoney-Berg (SJA) (Fall 1:30)

160: Ashtin Johnson (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)

170: Kadin Johnson (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)

182: Ethan Langseth (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)

195: Sam Rummel (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)

220: Mitchell Streich (SPRF) over Derek Fast (SJA) (Fall 1:51)

285: Shane Clemon (SPRF) over (SJA) (For.)